International Week

International Week is April 12-15! This year’s event will be held on The Westover Wallaby FaceBook page. Students will choose a country to celebrate and then share about their country of choice through FaceBook posts to the Westover Wallaby page. It can be a country of heritage or any country students would like to learn more about.


Here is the schedule: 


Monday 4/12: Share your country and post a recipe
Tuesday 4/13: Post a photo of yourself in traditional dress or a link 
Wednesday 4/14: Post a drawing of the country’s flag 
Thursday 4/15: post a tradition (dance, song, craft, etc) 

2021 Events

Information on PTO-sponsored events for the 2021 school year can be found here.

Winter/Spring Semester 2021

Information on PTO-sponsored after school enrichment activities for the Winter 2021 Semester can be found here.


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