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About Us

The Westover Community Alliance is a parent run organization committed to: supporting Westover Elementary and our kids, increasing collaboration between the principal and staff at our school, and building a community where we welcome all involvement regardless of the time you can give. Membership dues are "pay what you want." Our activities are funded purely by donations, and we work as a community to develop our bylaws.


How does the PTO help our children?


Each year, the PTO fundraising efforts support school programs, staff, students and educational environment by funding:


  • Funding one field trip for each class ($3,000)

  • $50 for each teacher to subsidize room supplies

  • Providing supplies for events like International Night, Science Fair, Staff Appreciation Week, Back to School Social, End of the Year Carnival, Kindergarten Orientation, Fifth Grade Graduation, Field Day, etc., totaling well over $4000

  • Providing funds for school programs such as National Honor Society, Safety Patrol, etc. ($300)

  • Providing funds for workshops, training, and supplies that Ms. Wilson needs to support the staff and school ($1000)

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